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Industries We Cover

Finance and Investment

Including hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital etc Technology: Covering software development, IT services, and emerging technologies etc.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Encompassing medical research, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology etc.

Energy and Utilities

Including renewable energy, oil and gas, and utilities etc. Consumer Goods and Retail: Covering FMCG, retail strategies, and consumer behavior etc.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Encompassing automotive, aerospace, and industrial machinery etc.


Including telecom services, infrastructure, and advancements etc.


Covering agribusiness, crop science, and sustainable farming etc.

Real Estate

Encompassing property development, investment, and market analysis etc.

Legal and Regulatory

Including compliance, corporate law, and international regulations etc.

Education and EdTech

Covering educational technology, curriculum development, and institutional research etc.


E-commerce, government etc,